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John Farrell & Thomas Atkinson

How to change text size

Certain Web Sites offer buttons allowing you to resize text. These can cause problems and confusion for people who's browsers do not support such features.

Instead here's a quick tutorial which demonstrates a better way to resize text, one which will work across many sites.

In current versions of popular browsers, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, the text size of a web page can be changed by using keyboard shortcuts,

Press 'Ctrl and +' to increase text size
Press 'Ctrl and -' to decrease text size

To return the text to its normal size,
Press 'Ctrl and 0' to increase text size

If you are using an older browser you may have to make changes from the web browser's toolbar.

Screenshot demostrating how to resize text in your browser

Choose 'View' > 'Text Size' > 'Increase' or 'Decrease' text size

Note: If the correct units have not been used to markup text then older browsers will not be able to resize the text.


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